People cherish memories.  That's why they invest in capturing them.  Today, home videos continue to be the most valuable media your family owns.  So start your family with the greatest home video.   

We have created one simple package.  Days of editing and retouching are poured into every unique wedding we film.  Unlike most videography companies, our package includes a full day of filming.  We'll be there from the beginning to the end of your wedding day because telling the whole story means capturing the whole story as it unfolds.  

Did we mention no deposit necessary?

So what is included in the package?

1. A full day of filming.  From the morning you are  getting ready to the night you will dance away; we are there to capture your day. 

2.  All the footage with rights to edit and distribute every clip.  This is stored and given to you on a flash drive that is yours at no extra charge.  Ooooh!

3.  An edited "Wedding Recap" clip with the music of your choosing.  This clip is stored on an ad free video site and is easy to share!  Click here to see some examples.

Price: $2200

DVD's?  Much like the VHS tape, those round things we used stick into computers and TV's are dead.  Long live digital media!  Although we don't offer DVD's anymore the edited wedding recap clip along with all the raw footage are stored on a flash drive for you to keep and add to your family hard drive.  How convenient!

Full payment is only due after the product is in your hands.  We believe couples should pay for something they receive.  Paypal is preferred.  

Ready to sit down and talk about shooting your wedding day?  Lets get in touch; We'd love to buy you a cup of coffee.