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With nearly 10 years of experience and over 200 weddings filmed, we are one of the most seasoned wedding videographers in the Midwest! 

Check out some of our videos and let our extensive body of work speak for itself!   


We offer one, simple, all-inclusive wedding videography package that couples have been begging for!  No hidden fees or sneaky add-ons.  Here's what you will recieve: 

A full day of filming

No time based fees!  From the morning you are getting ready to the night you will dance away; we are there to capture your wedding day in it's entirety. Why should you have to plan the biggest day of your life around a vendors availability?

A wedding highlight FILM

We use the best clips we captured to create your edited highlight film.  From morning to dusk; we carefully select the best clips to help recreate your day! With Relive Films, you will expect to receive your highlight film soon after returning home from your honeymoon. Talk about a fast turnaround!

ALl the Raw footage

We film a ton of of footage throughout the day, and it's all yours! No hidden costs or add ons. After full payment is received your footage becomes instantly available to download, keep and share!  Did we mention this is at no extra cost? Make some room on that hard drive!

Price: $2500

Only $200 is due at booking and no other payment is required until after your wedding! This enables our couples to pay for something they actually receive and to use some of that amazing wedding gift money to cover the cost. This package price is accurate for weddings taking place in 2019 and 2020. Please note a price increase will take place for 2021 and beyond. 

Let's CHat!

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We want to sit down and get to know you as a unique couple.  Every wedding we film and edit is custom tailored to the couple's vision, personality and taste.  This is why it’s important for us to meet before you book.  Fill out the form and let us buy you some coffee!   We hold all meetings at Rustica in Eden Prairie or we can schedule in a time to call.  

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Let’s Meet!

These meetings are designed for clients who wish to take the next steps in the booking process. If you live out of the area, or wish to have a phone consultation before meeting, please inquire about our weekday afternoon availability!