How to Download Raw Footage

We love giving all of the raw footage we capture to our couples for free and downloading it is easy!  Once we give you the download link its pretty straight forward.  Just follow these simple steps:

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Step 1: Download the big .ZIP file

Your wedding raw footage consists of all of the video files filmed on all of our cameras. We package it all into one large .ZIP file that will be many gigabytes of data.  Download times will vary depending on your internet connection but it will definitely be one of the largest files you've ever downloaded.  We recommend downloading it overnight on a computer you can leave on for a while.  

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Step 2:  "Unzip" the downloaded file

Double click on the downloaded .ZIP file and it will start unpackaging.  On some computers your might have to right click and click "unzip" or "expand".  The file will start to unzip.  This will take a few minutes because there is a lot of raw footage.

"Unziping" a .ZIP file just means that your computer will take that one large file and unpack all of the video files inside it. 

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Step 3: Watch and enjoy!

Your wedding raw footage is now available to watch!  It is organized by the camera it was filmed.  Each camera folder has clips that are organized in the order the clip was filmed on your big day.  

We recommend that you backup these precious memories on an external hard drive or a cloud service so it's never lost.